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2014 is going to be the year of the real time web and the combination of AngularJs and Firebase gonna be the shoehorn that will bring in to it a lot of developers.

While discussing this subject IRL last week, I realized I need to have a nice sample for a classic-basic web feature – with a real time twist. So I set down for a whole two hours and wrote this little sample app for real time polls.
What do you need real time polls for? Well, it can be really nice in a high traffic site, lets say a news site during the elections, and it can be a nice widget in any site, since it can take as little as 10 minutes to turn a poll app into a real time poll app.

Working sample @
Download code @



Concept of Angularfire

Angularfire is your firebase service for AngularJs. After linking the required files, basically what you do is:
create a firebase object

    var myObject = new Firebase("");

and your object is automagically linked to any other connected user at the same time. That’s all (well, basically).
So, if you have a poll object with the poll options, you just need to connect it to the firebase database, and you have a real time poll!

In this sample, there are a few minor complications due to the google charts api. Check out the remarks in the code to see what it took.

It's Alive!


So what do we have here?

I took an angularJs google charts directive, and built a controller that turns it real time. In a real app the Firebase connection should be in a service, as such the poll creation methods, but here i flattened the architecture to make it simpler to read and understand (hopefully).

The dependencies are:

In the sample there are two parts – poll creation, and poll voting. Both are on the same view.
You can use any, and read the remarks in the code for the full info.

please note – since it’s a sample, there are no limitations, authentication or any other obstacle. In a real app you will add authentication and voting limitations. Both are done both in the clients side and on the server side using the firebase security rules. I may add a part about toughening and security rules, if there will be a demand.

HTML code for sample

Create a poll

<h3>Create a poll</h3>

                            <h4>poll's question</h4>

                            <input type="text" ng-model="" placeholder="Poll's name" class="w200"><br>

                            <h4>Poll's answers</h4>

                            <div ng-repeat="option in pollForm.options track by $index">
                                Option {{ $index+1 }} <input type="text" placeholder="option"
                                <button class="btn" ng-click="removeOption($index)"> - </button>
                            <button class="btn blue" ng-click="addPollOption()">+ Add answer</button>
                            <button class="btn green" ng-click="pollCreate()"> << Create the poll >> </button>

Select a poll from the list

 <h3>Select an existing poll</h3>
                        <div ng-show="load">
                            ... Loading
                        <div ng-show="!load">
                        <button ng-repeat="(key, value) in polls track by $index" ng-click="selectPoll(key)"
                                class="pollSelectBtn btn yellow">
                            {{ }}

Show the selected poll

   <div ng-if="selectedPoll">
                        <div google-chart chart="chart">


                            <span class="voteDiv" ng-repeat="data in selectedPollOptions">
                                <button class="btn btn-primary" ng-click="vote($index)">{{ data[0] }}</button>
                                Other: <input ng-minlength="1" type="text" ng-model="vote.optionOther" class="w200"><button class="btn green" ng-click="addOther()">Add and Vote</button>


App Controller – where the job is done

angular.module('firepollapp').controller('mainCtrl',function($scope, $firebase){

    // firebase
   // Set YOURAPP - to your firebase address
    var ref = new Firebase("");
    // Automatically syncs everywhere in realtime
    $scope.polls = $firebase(ref);

    // create basic objects
    $scope.selectedPoll = '';
    $scope.selectedPollOptions = [];
    $scope.load = true;

    Select a poll from the poll's list
    moveing the poll data to a separate object from the firebase object
    It gives more flexibility with it's construct and data types
    (for example - firebase will return values as string type, while google charts has to have them as numbers
        - note the parseInt on the values)
    It does adds a need to create a watcher for any incoming changes.

    Also, used a separate object for poll voting options ($scope.selectedPollOptions) for some more flexibility

    // Loading poll from the list (in the firebase object)
    $scope.selectPoll = function(id){
        if (id){ // don't run on initial watch
            // hold selected polls id
            $scope.selectedPoll = id;
            // clean poll options object
            $scope.selectedPollOptions = [];
            // clean chart data
   = [];
            // populate chart's title from the firebase object
            chart1.options.title = $scope.polls[id].name;
            // google charts require column names in the first dataset row.
            // will give some little pain later
            // populate with the values from firebase
            // don't forget to parseInt the values or it will not draw the chart
            for (i=0; i&lt;$scope.polls[id].options.length; i++)
                if ($scope.polls[id].options[i][0] &amp;&amp; $scope.polls[id].options[i][1])
                    // if you don't have a numeric value - reset the value
                    var val = parseInt($scope.polls[id].options[i][1]);
                    var option = [$scope.polls[id].options[i][0], val];
                    // push data from the firebase object to the chart data object
                    // push the options from the firebase object to the poll options object
            $scope.chart = chart1;

    // deep watch for the firebase object, to have the chart update in real time, when the object updates
    // needed to handle the object separation
    $scope.$watch('polls', function(){

    // data loaded from firebase - angularfire event
    // use to switch the loader off
    $scope.polls.$on("loaded", function() {
           $scope.load = false;

    // vote on poll
    $ = function(index){
        // calc new total
        // add +1 to index to compensate for first row in chart data not being poll options
        index ++;
        if (angular.isNumber([index][1] ))
            newTotal = parseInt([index][1]) + 1;
            newTotal = 1
        // move index one back
        // update value in the firebase object
        $scope.polls[$scope.selectedPoll].options[index][1] = newTotal;
        // save changes to the object and the remote firebase

    // Add "other" option to selected poll
    $scope.addOther = function(){
        if (${
            // add new option to the firebase object with 1 vote
            $scope.polls[$scope.selectedPoll].options.push([$, 1]);
            // save the firebase object - update firebase remote
            // clear the "other" form field
            $ = '';

    //////   google chart basic object
    var chart1 = {};
    chart1.type = "PieChart";
    // chart options. use google chart reference for more info
    // pie chart:
    chart1.options = {
        title: '',
        displayExactValues: true,
        pieSliceText: 'percentage',
        width: 400,
        height: 300,
        is3D: true,
        slices: {}

    ///  create poll - form methods
    // reset the form
    $scope.resetForm = function(){
        $scope.pollForm = {};
        $scope.pollForm.options = [];
    // call one reset on load for object declaration
    // Add a poll option to the creation form
    $scope.addPollOption = function(){
        $scope.pollForm.options.push(['', '0']);
    // remove pull option from the form
    $scope.removeOption = function(index){

    // Create a new poll
    $scope.pollCreate = function(){
        // add to poll to the Firebase object - this will update it at the server
        // check for empty options
        for (i=0; i&lt;$scope.pollForm.options.length; i++){ // make sure no empty options if (angular.isUndefined($scope.pollForm.options[i][0]) || $scope.pollForm.options[i][0]=='') {$scope.pollForm.options.splice(i,1)} } if ($ &amp;&amp; ($scope.pollForm.options.length&gt;0))
            // add the new form to the firebase object. it will be updated automagically in firebase
            // reset the poll creation form


Working sample @
Download code @


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