Delen systems Web Creations


A.K.A Ziv Pugatch
- ziv [at] || 972-523-415255
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Blog (AngularJs, discontinued so far due to life itself)

Some skills include

Backend Node, Python, PHP, AJAX, JSON, XML, Firebase, NoSQL, MySQL/MsSQL and even ASP classic for old times' sake (all with OOP experience).
Frontend / UI programming – Angular JS + 2 (MVC framework), Jquery, HTML5, CSS3, LESS, Bootstrap (JavaScript OOP/procedural).

Resent works

No documentation due to NDAs and clients security
  • Advanced data editor for analysts and text editors
  • Node JS restructure for speed for a big data system
  • Entire S.O.C for a Cyber Security company, including analysts UIs for SIEM, WAF, HIPS and more

Some codeing portfollio

 front end, Jquery and Facebook apps. A few samples just showcasing 2013 Penuts Heavy lifting (but off the air)
Created and managed full life cycle of two major web platforms with tens of thousands of users and thousands of customers and clients
  • - first israeli online donations platform (2005-2011)
  • - first Israeli Print on Demand market place (2004-2009)